The fifth match resulted in draw; however no one in their minds thought that it would end like this leaving them dumbstruck. Especially on the [Gabaranth] side since King Leowald himself participated, everyone was sure of their victory, but due to the result being draw they were unable to believe it. But only Rarashiku approached towards the arena grinning while Leowald was carrying Regulus under his arms.Hence he went straight to a general shop and bought the necessary items for battles, including a new weapon. It was the cheapest kind of a sword, but still cost 30000 Rigin. The reason he bought a new one was because the blade of his knife was chipped. Well, naturally that happened when he fought so many demons. Lastly, he bought a red robe as a protection gear.“There are generally two methods to activate magic. Either one must speak the name of the magic, or use magic which does not need to be named. It seems that his magic is of the former type and must be spoken or else it won’t activate. Originally, magic was mostly used for long-distance battles. If you carelessly attempt to use it in this kind of close-combat situation, that is what happens.” (Ornoth)Baron Bone Lizard desperately attempted to move its body, yet, above it were incoming spikes flying towards it. In addition, the spikes were even larger than the previous ones. As there were a multitude of spikes, varying in sizes and lengths, it could be determined that more and more bones inside of its body would be broken. Its tail was pulverized from its roots. Even the limbs that supported its body were brutally and cruelly shattered.Shublars: “Well, I think both her majesty’s sentiments and Marione’s ideals have their own merits, you know~. However, the bridge is already gone and, on top of that, the time is running out. With that said, instead of throwing about complaints about things that have already happened, wouldn’t it be more constructive to start thinking about what’s gonna happen from now or something?”‘You’re obviously the older one here, shishou!’ is what Arnold want to say, however, he obviously could not say it even if his tongue was ripped out. If he did, he would undoubtedly wind up kissing the ground again.(TL: just imagine him sent flying into the ground, that is what “kiss the ground” would look like)Upon confirming thus, there were people that could be seen attacking the monsters in the distance……they were the Ashura Tribe . This situation was one that they group had more or less expected. As such, it was unlikely that the surrounding monster’s reinforcements that headed in this direction would not be capable of approaching Hiiro’s location.At that time, Rarashik mentioned that she would participate in the duel with the 『Evila』 under the condition that she could bring Arnold and Muir. It went without saying that it wasn’t merely the two who were mentioned that were surprised. Leowald, Mimiru, and even the all the soldiers present had expressed astonishment.

She had long, reddish-brown hair that grew past her waist. A large, green ribbon was tied around near the top of her head, prominent as if it were her trademark. She didn’t look voluptuous, yet her charming, hazel eyes and fair white skin practically ensured that she would grow up to be a beautiful lady in the future.“Ahaha! As I’m a tolerant person, I’ll let you to take me as shithead! Because I know that you’re jealous! Then, I’ll bear with it! Soiling your eyes to this poor face, I reflect for being too dazzling for you! I know, I know! You really want to take me for yourself, right? This own, elegant ……Beau-Johnny!”“Yes, otherwise tearing the conference apart won’t simply lead to the war breaking out. Probably, the former demon king negotiated with King Rudolf with some means and made a plan beforehand. Though we have got into it to take advantage, there should be someone who was set up to catch us off guard at any time”Shyuba: 「No, we will soon be approaching an open location. Unlike this area that is lush with long weeds and bushes, this location seems to be a grassland. Should one advance further, they would be met with a zone of granite. Proceeding past this stony area will bring you to the exit of the mountain.」It seemed that part of the shock from the lightning had gone through her, but it had practically done no damage at all. Although she had not completely exhausted her 《Transformation》, as she had planned on defeating her opponent at the time of its activation, Muir was quite unsure of what to do.As Silva confirmed that everyone had got on the boat, he began moving the oar in order to make the move forward. Upon inspection, the oar seemed quite heavy and difficult to handle. However, seeing Silva’s unchanging, nonchalant complexion, Hiiro came to the conclusion that Silva was indeed a level 80 『Spirit』.In truth, Eveam expected that the Humas would make their move. In the event that the meeting with the Evila don’t go well, then immediately destroying the bridge wouldn’t allow the possibility of an alliance. The direction of the discussions would turn and be about war and the annihilation of the Evila. Eveam foresaw that that must be what the Humas are planning.

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