Near here was the 『Ashura Tribe』 settlement. From the days of old, they had lived here. And this goes without saying, but plenty of them met their ends here as well. For them, a grave stone was erected. That place was called 『Grave Tower』, and it was made by carving out a large formation of rock.

LoliQ’s situation: Loli-nee is officially off the regular translator roster for KnW. She no longer has a blog, and has no intention of making another one in the near future. Whether or not she chooses to translate any future chapters of KnW is up to her, but for now, it is safe to assume that she won’t be. 164 was her last chapter before ‘retiring’.On that day, due to reading a book until the break of dawn, Hiiro had been deprived of sleep. Thus, Okamura Hiiro had decided to pass the entire day simply sleeping, telling his colleagues his intentions before heading to his room. Concerning this room in the inn, ever since Hiiro had arrived in the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】, he had been in its care for quite a while.However, the texture of the bamboo shoots, which have turned crispilicious, fits very well with the rice with its rich paste covering it. Especially that sweet thick paste coiling itself in the hot rice, with the stickiness of a ground yam, you can go at it with just these two alone. It will really keep your hands to bring the food into your mouth non-stop.Silva was looking at the surroundings while he said that. Speaking of which, Hiiro had completely forgotten about it. Currently the desert all around them was covered in ice. This is the result of using the word 『Frost Conversion』 『氷結化』 with the recently unlocked Three Word Chain skill of his 《Word Magic》.Two words can be used to cast a spell. The effect is much stronger than when a single word is written down and activated. It will influence everything the written area, and the reach of the effect will also improve but it will also be limited by the what is written as well. The duration of the two-word-chain effect is limited to the shortest word within the spell. Unless you have an precise image of the word effect, you will not be able to write the two words.Hiiro gave his condolence towards the soldiers of Evila. Ornoth’s manner of teaching, just like awhile ago, was a mystery. Since the soldiers had their own standpoints, they couldn’t ask back many times against Ornoth. That’s why the only thing they could do was to desperately interpret those words by themselves.From her facial expression, one could clearly understand that the individual had a lively character as her large, friendly eyes, adorable nose and cute mouth were perched neatly onto her face. In addition, this child was also wearing clothes similar to Nikki, a 『文』(12) character having been engraved on the back.While making sure his concern did not appear on his face, he peered at his own body, exhaling in relief as he took note of his skin tone. This alleviation was due to the 「Change」 『化』word’s effect had not disappeared. Therefore, he felt secure as his appearance remained one belonging to the 『Imp Race』. If he were to return to being human now, he would not be able to make up an excuse.

The slave system. It was a system mainly established for humans to persecute beastman. Kidnapped at a young age, they got a crest called ≪Magic Lock Crest≫ engraved onto their bodies. The mark prevented them from running away or rebelling by letting the magic power in their bodies react to such attempts, giving them intense pain.《Titles》Dancer Voluptuous Beauty High Class Demon Connoisseur of Wine Monster Slayer Ripper Boob-nee-sama Tit Witch Sexy Pudding Charming Mistress Capable Woman Jiggle Jiggle Dancing Lady Cruel Killer of the Unique One who Exceeds Man Killer Likes to be Spoiled Lonely One ……..Still a Virgin? Fighting Woman Overly Determined PersonHowever, in this incident, she was met with numerous large betrayals. It was to the point where she couldn’t just believe in people so early on. It’d be a simple matter if she believed them, and then went soft with the heroes’ treatment. However, if she did that, the surrounding people would undoubtedly oppose her decision.Jade colored horn growing on its heads. Just to make sure, Hiiro wrote 『Spy』 (『隠密』) on himself, then hid behind the rocks. And because it felt painful to breathe because of that, he simultaneously wrote 『Breathable』 (『呼吸可』) after. Then, a bubble was created, covering his entire head. It seems that in this bubble, he was able to breathe freely. With this, it was not necessary for him to resurface just to replenish his oxygen anymore.As he continued to dodge their attacks, Ornoth glanced at Chika. Compared to Taishi’s sword, hers was more precise and contained a more powerful conviction. She likely wanted to save him. Her strong desire to protect was likely weakening her hesitation, but sadly, her lack of experience prevented her from being able to give Ornoth even a single wound.10 years ago, when Cruzer Jio got wind of a rumour regarding the location of a weapon he had once created, he headed towards there to retrieve it back. His reasons for doing this was simple, he wanted to collect all of the existing weaponries he had made and keep it away from the rest of this world.

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