Actually, the fact that he got the kings permission was quite shocking. ((Permission for harem.)) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Former 《Cruel Brigade》member Iraora. She had recognized his strength, and believed that she could leave the defense of the bridge to him. Hence, she had trusted him and left that duty to him. However, she didn’t think that he would betray them, and as a result, lead to the loss of numerous comrades and Greyald.This was not in the city, but the residence of the royal family. If he were to wander around as disrespectful as he always was, there’s a chance he could be captured by the soldiers. Arnold starts sweating just thinking about what would happen if Hiiro wandered into one of the private rooms of the royal family.Of course, the 『Gabranth』 would not have just taken the information up front and should have done some of their own investigating. The information they gained on the conference’s date and time was the same, but the location was different. A few days earlier, notice of the 『Gabranth』advancing their army towards the false location of the conference based on that information had arrived. Amongst them, the figure of the Beast King had been detected, so it appeared to be certain that they had been successfully manipulated by the false information.Eveam first said those words after not seeing each other for a long time. He noticed her exhaustion fading in and out from her. If he was not mistaken, they seemed to be at the stage of advancing the 《Permanent Alliance》 coalition. Although they had a verbal agreement at the duel event before, they are now dealing the problems in the political side of each country.As Hiiro made a contemplative face in silence, he casually glanced outside the window. What appeared before him were mountains and a sky being filled with a white glow. It seemed that day had apparently arrived. It appeared that they had been talking for a long period of time. Yet, in that instance, Hiiro noticed something strange.Upon hearing those words, Marione redirected her scowl towards Shublars. However, she realized that if she kept talking, the conference would not be able to progress. Thus, Marione reluctantly controlled herself. Sitting down in her seat, she blasted Aquinas who was sitting next to her with a murderous glare. However, Aquinas, who had his eyes closed, did not react to it.According to what Rudolf said, he wanted them, along with the second army division Vale and his subordinates, to head towards the 『Evila』’s continent a few days before the conference. There, they would merge with the 『Gabranth』national army, and together they would suppress the 『Evila Capital: Xaos』.Rudolf:「But that is wrong. My first daughter Miti was still very young, but I think that she was a clever child. My second daughter Aselia had a very strong heart. And now, although not yet dead, my daughter Fara who has become a living corpse was a kind-natured child. Before they died, those girls said to me, 『Please defeat the Evila no matter what』」

“Every day I prayed that someone would bring peace to the world. Salvation by faith, so to speak. But the dispute between races escalated and spread to this country too. Of course I took up arms, because there were things I wanted to protect. But what do you think the then Guild Master did at that time?”Hiiro was obviously dissatisfied at first. Yet, in actuality, the mansion was filled with books and literature that Silva had collected, appeasing Hiiro’s boredom. Hiiro deemed the books in Silva’s collection as intriguing, especially the books detailing topics related to the Demon World. Thus, he enjoyed himself as he read through them.Yet, there was an important point that needed careful attention. This point addressed MP Consumption. The new title that Hiiro had just obtained, the one called 《One who is Skilled in Magic》, seemed to apply adjustments to his MP. Even though it appeared to further increase his MP, even after he had levelled up, Hiiro could still not afford to use his 《Word Magic》 frequently.If he used the word [Pry] he would be able to view the target’s status. He was tempted to use it in order to obtain an absolute numeric evaluation of her strength. But in order to use the skill, he would have to write the word. If he were seen…no. Without a doubt, Hiiro was convinced that he would be noticed before he could even initiate the skill.The bond of the beastmen is believed to be so strong that it’s incomparable to the [Humas] and [Evila]. Even if you read the history, there is only the fact that Kokurou was the only person who have caused a revolt. Therefore, thoughtlessly informing them will only cause those bonds to be filled with insecurity……… apparently, I was wrong”This was the real reason why he had left Eveam here without sending her flying off. However, since she was talking for so long, he got irritated and ended up sending her off. That was why he had no choice but to ask the person in question whether or not he would go to the【Demon Country】 with him. It was just because he happened to be going there already, so whatever was fine.

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