(No, as long as I keep the image of 『Death(死)』 in my mind, I shouldn’t get a 《Rebound》. Even for 『Sleep(眠)』, more than《Rebound》, it felt like it was just difficult to write. It seems that some words require a bit of compensation. I wonder if different words require different obeisances.)As soon as Eveam appeared, she would be, without question, the first one to be targeted. What’s more, she would be on the receiving end of a focused attack. Although not absolutely certain, one would be unable to cast a spell that requires such intensive concentration. They would definitely be interrupted.“It’s all right. As for that, called the , it is made by boiling the egg of the Flaming Red Bird, though it looks like it has been wrapped in fire making one hesitate to hold it, it becomes possible to hold and boil it after freezing it for once. Of course, this is edible. The very rich flavor, on the very first taste……No, first of all, have a bite”Although it was undetermined whether or not the soldiers had understood their place or they were issued a strict order by the Demon Lord…no, it was most likely that both had occurred. If they were to handle this situation poorly, it was highly likely that another conflict would arise. Thus, they could do naught but merely glare as they restrained themselves.He also needed to take extra precaution if he moved outside the range of the words. Should he go out of range, the words installed would disappear. It was a little disappointing that only one-word spells could be used. This skill would prove much more versatile if it accommodated the use of two-words.As expected of a man that had been recognized by Aquinas. Without having to receive No.03’s attack which appeared to have been aimed for the instant that the opponent was unguarded, Judom returned it with his own counterattack. Such was expected from him, as he was the one who had been entrusted with the human’s guild.As Hiiro thought thus, he arrived on the island. Mikazuki looked at Hiiro as if asking him what she should do. As Silva was obviously unable to grant her entry into the mansion, it was decided that she would be kept in a feeding ground for livestock. As it was fairly close, Hiiro waited while Silva led Mikazuki towards the feeding grounds.The impact of his fall, in addition to the destructive power of his attack let out a tremendous shock wave. At the same time, with him as the epicentre, flames began to spread out like ripples. Even if you thought you managed to avoid becoming prey to the fangs, the belated second wave of flames would make the target incapable of running away.

A large number of people gathered at the town’s yearly festival, the 《Origin Festival》. In particular, there were many who would bring their children with them. They believed that during the festival, if the children climbed the 《Tree of Beginnings – Aragorn》 and offered up their prayers, they would be able to receive divine protection from it.Before Kokurou had met with Branza, the person with the square on their back that came to 【Passion】 along with Kokurou was heading towards a building, lurking in the shadows, concealing himself, whilst Kokurou was wandering around, destroying one building after another, keeping the citizens’ attention with his behavior. ((That’s a long sentence… hope I didn’t forget anything.))Though his face sticking out his tongue annoys the hell out of me, there is no time for me to be angry right now. That was a tremendous movement. It’s a simple movement but I couldn’t even see a thing, and made me completely taken by surprise. Though I was able to avoid it because I felt the bloodlust, my whole body became cold, as if dousing cold water to a hot body.The one who answered Taishi’s question was King Rudolf. Currently, the only ones in that location were the four heroes and the king. As the king had told them he had something confidential he would like to discuss, the heroes had come to the King’s Office. However, he had then told them that he would betray the 『Evila』 at the conference.It didn’t appear that the other side had realized it yet, but Judom had undoubtedly recognized her as someone he had met in the past. Having seen how big and fine she had become, he somehow became very happy. However, now was not the time to be losing himself in nostalgia. Right now he had to concentrate on the conference.Hiiro heard that if a person touches black bamboo, it will turn into a demon. Only Hiiro and his companions were here. Obviously, Hiiro and the others who heard the story did not touch anything. And since Nikki also thought that the black bamboo was a threat, she would not dare to try touching it and turning it into a demon.Their wish was for the children to grow up to be strong and fine adults; the 《Tree of Beginnings – Aragorn》 was used to perform rituals similar to Buddhist prayers. Of course, such blessings were limited only to the beastmen’s children. In the past, there had been a time when humans who were discovered trying to climb the tree had been executed.

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